Time to change gears


It’s finally starting to feel like winter outside. Although weather forecast says this weekend will hit 60s… In any case, I think it’s appropriate that I stop wearing flip flops at once and bring out something more appropriate for mid November. Here is an edit of what I will most likely wear/use the most this winter.  This Michael Kors purse has been sitting in my closet unused for quite a while now.  I didn’t love the style or the color when I first acquired it, but all of a sudden, it seems appropriate.  My brown Pandora bag can get some rest now.  White cable sweater, which I scored on sale, can be dressed up or down and is super warm.  I bought it big so I can wear it loose.  Today I wore it with a green plaid shirt under, and no coat.  My Senso ankle boots are perfect for daily wear in winter.  As soon as the chilly weather hits, regular flats bare too much skin.  These boots cover up the whole foot, give just enough height, are super comfy to walk in while being so cute!  La l’occitane hand cream is the best I’ve used with its subtle scent, just the right thickness, no greasiness and lasting moisture.  My hands started getting noticeably dry recently, and I find myself reaching for the lavender cream few times a day.  Likely dry is my face now, and I’m so glad that I got the face oil by Aesop just in time for the colder weather.  I know that many people are not a fan of facial oil, and I myself had failed to like Josie Maran oil when it first came out (which, by the way, is now available in ‘light’).  But the trick is that your face only produces oil when it thinks it’s lacking oil.  If your face has enough hydration, it won’t produce excessive oil, and face oil will actually lock in the moisture.  And if your skin is aging like mine, you’ll appreciate the anti-drying effect.  As I have shared in my previous posting, Larsson & Jennings watch is probably the most loved purchase I’ve made this year, and this black suede number will likely go with me to just about everywhere this winter.  My berry-colored pony hair leather gloves are not yet necessary, but soon will be a must-carry item for stepping out the door.  And here’s me going out for errands.



One thing to note about these Aesop products is that their packagings are beautifully designed.  It’s clean, earthy, and sophisticated.  My husband doesn’t understand why girls leave out “makeup things.”  When they are this nicely designed, why stuff them away in medicine cabinet?


 And since most things here seem to follow the monochromatic trend, here’s a few more.Image

 Random things I found myself next to while on my computer one day.


 This was me trying to pack for NY wedding weekend…though I realized that I won’t have any time to wear regular clothes so ended up not taking any of these.


 My (one of few) version of heaven on earth… Lazy morning, no husband, in bed after a shower, with my iPad or Macbook.



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